Approved insurance Carriers

We only recommend superior credit rated insurance companies. This assures our agents only present companies with credit worthiness that fosters confidence in protecting your customers' assets and your reputation.  


Insurance  Marketing 



Let us simplify the selling of life,
long term care, disability, and annuities. We work with two exceptional IMO groups to support you and your customers.


National Insurance Producer Registry

The NIPR Gateway is a communication network which links data standards that have been developed for the exchange of license application, license renewal, appointment, and termination information. All data flowing over the NIPR Gateway will conform to these standards.

Never forget to renew your licenses with complete credential visibility, in one convenient location. Always know when and where you're authorized to sell with quick access to your personal compliance dashboard.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) must be kept current.  We offer access to a variety of continuing education resources to help professionals in the financial industry maintain their state licensure for Insurance and Securities industry.

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