An intelligent insurance strategy can be a great compliment to the modern financial plan. Insurance may be used to supplement and/or replace income. Insurance may also become a wonderful way to protect your assets.

Term Life

   Affordable Life insurance

  • Level premiums guaranteed

  • Greatest amount of coverage

  • Lowest cost of premium

  • Death benefit for beneficiaries

Whole Life

   Permanent Life Insurance

  • Level premiums 

  • Cash accumulation value

  • Can act as a tax shelter

indexed life

   Permanent Life Insurance

  • Potential accumulation tied to stock market index

  • Cash accumulation value

  • Can act as a tax shelter

keyperson life

   Insurance on a Key Employee

  • Crucial to a business

  • Affordable policies

  • Level premiums

  • Company pays premium

  • Company is the beneficiary


Variable annuity

  Variable Income Stream

  • Variety of investment choices

  • Tax deferred growth

  • No upper limit on contributions

  • Optional living benefit features at a cost

fixed annuity

   Fixed Income Stream

  • Guaranteed fixed rate compounded growth 

  • Income tax deferred

  • Can convert to an income stream

  • Avoids asset probate

equity indexed


  Guaranteed Growth and     Income Stream

  • Minimum Interest Guarantee

  • Principal Protection

  • Capped Market Index participation

  • Predictable Earnings 



care insurance

  Estate  Asset Protection

  • Level premiums 

  • Tax-Free benefits

  • Tax Deductible premiums

  • Reduce the burden of economic and physical caregiving




   Future Income Protection

  • Level premiums 

  • Protect your income if you become too sick to work

  • Help pay mortgage or rent, car payment, and daily expenses

  • Fully portable regardless of employer


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